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-the Universal Life force of Love.
-guidance from the highest intelligence of all.
-the pulsing electricity of this universe, this solar system, our physical, mental and emotional bodies and this earth that we live on.
-similar to a battery charger boosting the electrical system of the human body.
-the ability and method to use this energy for the greater good of all.
-our ability to connect with the rhythmic intelligence of our universe in a more conscious way.
- not affiliated with Christianity or Buddhism or any type of religious belief.
-life that is abundant in our world.
-heightening the ability for one human being to connect with another in the deepest of ways.
-the most natural way to touch another to ease their pain, stresses and struggle.
- a complimentary technique that will enhance any medical treatment It does not take the place of western medicine but is part of the whole.
- the key to unlocking the door to vitality of life when we have lost some of that spark for ourselves.
-an immediate healing process for our animals, our homes, our work, our plants, our food and vitamins. There is no end in the use of Reiki because it is already the flow of life itself.
-available at any time and needs no tools to utilize it.
-the release of physical and emotional blockages that we have accumulated throughout life.
-an energy that heals the healer first and then heals others.

Reiki is a  hands-on healing that helps with  stress reduction and relaxation and helps create balance and healing. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that treats the person as a whole, including the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Reiki aids the body in its efforts to maintain homeostasis (or the body’s natural ability to heal itself), resulting in deep relaxation, a feeling of well being and a shift toward physical health.

Reiki can be used to support the healing process of any illness or emotional problem and to increase general wellness. It is a safe, painless, non-invasive practice that doesn’t interfere with any medical treatment and can be combined with other healing techniques and/or enhances medical procedures and treatments. Reiki is delivered via a simple hands-on method that can be learned by anyone. Once you are attuned to Reiki and learn the technique, you can use it on yourself and others. Rei • is a Japanese term. The literal translation is the “natural spirit, “the holy” or “the gift.” Ki • translates as “vital energy” or “feeling.” Reiki is not a religion. 

How does it work?
The Reiki practitioner is a conduit for the universal life force energy. It is not the energy of the practitioner but the universal life force (God's or higher power's) energy that comes through the practitioner to the person receiving the treatment. The receiver does not need to believe in Reiki but must be open to it and their thoughts about Reiki and what the intention is should be and can enhance the effect Reiki has on the receiver. 

If you are unbalanced in your life, experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression, and even pain, Reiki can promote all of these things. 

What can I expect in a treatment?
In person Reiki is where the hands of the practitioner are lightly placed on the receiver's fully-clothed. Hands are placed in the areas of the chakras and/or areas that are troubling the receiver. The energy flows through the practitioner and through the receiver. Since it is the universal life force, it will go to the areas of the body it is needed. It has an innate wisdom and knows exactly where to go. A minimum of talking is desirable. Light music will be played if you so choose. We also can incorporate aromatherapy and use of crystals if so desired. A full treatment can be 30 or 60 minutes.

Distance Reiki can be performed where the receiver is at their most comfortable place and the practitioner is doing the same. Everything we see is made of energy. This energy is directed to the receiver through sacred symbols that the practitioner will draw and say silently to herself. 

What are the benefits of Reiki?
-improvements in sleep and digestion effective pain management
-reduction of side effects of medications and invasive medical treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy
-more comfortable breathing
-clearer thinking
-support in recovery from addictions
-enhancement of self-esteem
-greater self-acceptance and self-awareness
-increased satisfaction in relationships sense of spiritual connectedness

We offer in person and distant Reiki Sessions. Distant Sessions can be performed internationally. 

Add on to your Reiki experience with:
-Crystal Sound Healing
-Crystals -Aromatherapy
-Chakra Healing Mat
- PEMF Electro-magnetic therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Far Sauna Infrared, Negative Ion Therapy, Photon Light Therapy, Chakra Balancing

Reiki In Person 30 MIN $70
Reiki In Person 60 MIN $40
Distant Reik 30 MIN $70
Distant Reiki  60 MIN $50

Chakra Mat
Rainbow Chakra Healing Mat 30 Min $70
Rainbow Chakra Healing Mat 30 Min $40

Add Ons:
$5 Aromatherapy
$5 Sound Therapy
$5 Crystals


One Month-60 Minute Weekly Reiki Session-$260 ($20 savings) -Add Chakra Mat for $75 One Month-30 Minute Weekly Reiki Session - $150 ($10 savings) -Add Chakra Mat for $50

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Learn more about what we do

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Life Coaching is the collective work between a Life Coach and seeker -or client, actively working together for the seeker to move forward in to a more meaningful and fulfilled life; in every aspect. We create customized strategies to achieve set goals. Positive reinforcement is offered by the Life Coach besides following up on assignments to achieve goals. Life coaching is a transformational relationship, it focuses in bettering the self, and does not dwell on the past unless is to recognize ones achievements to build up upon our accomplishments due thru life lessons; evolving.

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